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Size Really Does Matter — Why iNetwork’s Funds Find Value in Remaining Small

Since 1999, iNetworks has been successfully providing needed capital, experienced management and intellectual resources to assist companies and entrepreneurs accelerate their product/service development.  Our long-term success is attributed to not only investing in what we know but also comes from realizing that by maintaining a relative smaller fund size we are able to remain agile and efficient enabling us to continually deliver first quartile results.

Our rationale in offering smaller funds hinges on a simple premise, “smaller private equity funds outperform larger ones.”

We will rely on three commonly cited institutional studies to outline the advantages of small venture fund investing.  The first is Investco Private Capital, who published an analysis of all their previous investments into private equity, spanning over 30 years, $4.3 billion in committed capital and nearly 50 limited partnerships.  They concluded with the long-term philosophy “…smaller funds have a greater potential to result in stronger investment performance.”