Opportunity Fund

The iNetworks Opportunity Fund is a Pittsburgh-based venture capital fund investing in companies whose technologies bring significant productivity advantages to their markets in the IT, Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors.

The fund is operated by the two principals who have been working in the space since 1986 and have completed venture transactions in the healthcare/life science sectors totaling over $1.5 billion with an additional $2.3 billion as advisors. The current investment of the Opportunity Fund have diverse sectors exposure, various stages of entry and varied geographical locales.



Current Investments by the Opportunity Fund



Product: Communications Platform

Location: Middletown, RI



Novian Health, LLC

Product: Medtech Laser Tumor Ablation

Location: Chicago, Illinois



PropelIT, Inc.

Product: Risk Management Platform, Enterprise Software Solution

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



One Logos, Inc.

Product: Education Productivity Optimization

Location: Austin, Texas



Unequal Technologies, LLC

Product: Sports/Military Protection Material

Location: Glen Mills, PA



Cognition Therapeutics, Inc.

Product: Molecular Therapeutic Targeting

Location: Pittsburgh, PA



PennAlt Organics, Inc.

Product: Phyto-Pharmaceutical

Location: Pittsburgh, PA