Sam Salman
Managing Director

Direct: 347.674.8880 
Cell: 917.847.9810

Sam Salman’s multi-faceted background includes expertise in sciences and technologies with finance, policy and economics to create, develop, launch and in many cases, lead important and high value initiatives requiring both strategic vision, intellectual property and financial and operational expertise.

He has utilized his understanding of advanced quantitative and theoretical sciences to developed proprietary tools for economic, financial and technical analyses and projections. He is the Chairman and CEO of a unique principal merchant and investment bank, NRS Associates LLC (also known as New Reality Solutions).

NRS Associates LLC ("NRS") envisions, creates, develops and leads commercial ventures founded on game-changing innovations, which constructively impact major challenges of our time. NRS has identified synergistic fields of innovation around which specific technical assets are developed into comprehensive frameworks to solve multifaceted challenges affecting Quality of Life. On a highly aligned basis, NRS also provides strategic advisory and merchant banking services to entities it considers as possessing 'game-changing' technologies, knowledge and / or products at critical stages of their development and evolution. Currently, as a founding member of NRS’s principal businesses, Sam Salman is a co-founder and senior executive of several game-changing initiatives, including:

  • CEO and Co-Founder of miR Diagnostics, LLC, a pre-clinical stage cancer diagnostics company using novel RNA markers and quantitative data analytics to determine optimized personalized treatment decisions and drug regimentation for patients with specific types of malignant tumors;
  • CEO & Founder of Starburst Industries, LLC, a pre-commercial stage photonics and related adaptive printing company using next generation high energy laser technologies. NRS partnering a leading US National Lab to obtain access to commercial non-military use of various advanced technologies in this area
  • President of Errant Gene Therapeutics, LLC, a leading clinical stage genetics company targeting hereditary blood disorders using autologous insertion of recombinant human globin gene(s) delivered through a proprietary lentiviral vector. In addition, EGT is considering engaging oncology researchers at the Cancer Research Center at the SUNY University at Albany for pre-clinical evaluation of its portfolio of small molecule histone deacetylase inhibitors.
  • Chairman and Co-Founder of GreenFins Tuna LLC, a leading sustainable and integrated platform for aquafarming of Blue-Fin Tuna and related species.

He is also honored to be a member of the Board of Governors and Board of Selectors of the Jefferson Awards Organization, a leading not-for-profit institution founded over four-decades ago that through its Students In Action, Lead360 Challenge, and GlobeChangers programs support, train and empower today’s youth to be leaders, problems solvers, entrepreneurs and impactful global citizens.

Sam was raised in London, and attended university in both Paris, France and the United States. He has lived in downtown Manhattan for over 10 years, is married with children. Annually from 1985 to 1996, Sam was selected to participate in study tours around the world, where he had the privilege and opportunity to spend time with world leaders, and exceptional people, such as Mother Teresa. These experiences left a permanent sense of purpose, a purposes which permeates every activity of NRS.