John W. Haynes
Sr. Investment Manager

Direct: 412.927.1792 
Cell: 202.213.8432 
Fax: 412.294.0492

John began his career at the World Bank in Washington, DC working for the Private Sector Development Vice-Presidency (Department).  There he focused on rebuilding former Soviet Bloc country economies.

To further his education, John left the Word Bank to pursue his Ph.D. in Financial Econometrics with applications to Monetary Theory and Asset Valuation at Penn State University. From there, John spent many years in the finance industry working with various banks and financial lending institutions pricing debt instruments, particularly, mortgage related securities, which were bundled and/or sold to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and private investors.

John later partnered with a colleague and started an independent asset advisory and research firm that specialized in portfolio derivative hedging techniques and selling equity and fixed income analysis.  Leaving the firm to be managed by his partner, John was asked to provide economic analysis to a presidential campaign, particularly on issues pertaining to the housing market, federal deficit levels and budget analysis.  For the next several years, John worked for several political campaigns on the national, state and local level as campaign manager, press secretary, political director and general consultant in various states.

Leveraging his political experiences, John moved on to become a lobbyist representing various interests.

John then became Managing Director at Catlin Financial, a municipal financial advisory that specializes in the quantitative and technical analysis of pension obligations and funding levels, as well as advising on bond issuance, budget analysis and municipal swap transactions.

Currently, John is the Senior Investment Manager at iNetworks, valuing potential portfolio companies for the Opportunity Fund (a venture capital fund).