People, Process and Performance

Since 1999, iNetworks has been successfully providing needed capital, experienced management and intellectual resources to companies and entrepreneurs in accelerating their product/service development. We believe that the combination of our industry knowledge, investment experience and operational expertise provides iNetworks with a competitive advantage in identifying and creating value for all of our portfolio companies.

Historically, iNetworks executives have invested in multi-stage portfolio companies, with stages ranging from restructuring, leverage buyouts, to early-, mid- and late-stage investments.

We have played the role of lead-investor, general participant and activist investor. We have also participated in successful exits, including managing IPOs, mergers, acquisitions and private sales. This has allowed us to consistently deliver first-quartile returns.


Our strategy is simple, to work with the management of our portfolio companies to efficiently and effectively bring their technology to market… Because iNetworks’ executives were once entrepreneurs themselves, they have been able to establish an extensive track record of partnering with management teams and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses…

We understand that technology advancement is at the core of everything we do, this is especially relevant to the sectors we are specialists. Technological innovation is the linchpin in solving many of today’s biggest problems in healthcare and life sciences. And if we can improve and help develop and commercialize these technologies, we can improve everyone’s quality of life. That’s why we appreciate the importance of visionary entrepreneurs, they the future of healthcare development.